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History of Euthanasia in Australia

Should Euthanasia be legalized in Australia

In Australia, Euthanasia or assisted death has been the major subject of much legal, religious, moral, philosophical and human right debate. The core concern of the debate is the way competing values will be reconciled.

The wish of individuals who are suffering choose to die with dignity and the need to defend the natural right to life as recognized by the constitution. Although the act of euthanasia has remained debatable for a period, it’s still unlawful.

Several attempts to make Euthanasia in Australia legal have been tried but they faced major opposition from critics. Among the attempts was the attempts to amend the right of terminally III Act 1995.

This had a provision that allowed medical assisted voluntary euthanasia if the person who is terminally ill requests. Although it was discussed at length, it was made inoperative by the federal parliament.

Decriminalization of Euthanasia is sparked a great debate in 2004 and was greatly supported by major parties in Australia. Although there are no major prosecutions, which have been so far done.

The only major concern was the case that involved a nurse who euthanized the father who had terminal cancer and had again attempted doing the same to the mother. She was convicted and sentenced to two years imprisonment. Euthanasia in Australia still is a major concern.


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