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How convincing is the scientific evidence that coffee increases the risk of cardiovascular disease?

To complete the assignment•You need only use the information found in the abstracts in Appendix 1(the abstracts-an abstract is a short summary of a scientific study), Appendix 2andthe lecture material on nutritional research. You are NOT required or expected to use any additional sources. •You must, however, include a discussion of all abstracts, found in Appendix 1, in your essay.

Your essay should include a brief introductory paragraph(2-3sentences), a body (typically consisting of several short paragraphs) and a conclusion(2-3sentences).

You are expected to paraphrase your sources(i.e. the abstracts)properly, and include in-text citations and a bibliography, as described in the document: SCIENCE_WRITING_ Notes2018-Update that is posted with the science writing Quiz and the How to cite references document.

Information that you might use to support your argument that comes from the Appendix 2or the lecture material on nutritional research can be considered common knowledge and does not require citation. •For writing tips and information on how the assignment will be gradedreadAppendix3-5.

For info on bibliographic referencing see Appendix 4. Be sure to follow the format correctly. It is slightly different from the format used in the abstracts in Appendix 1.Word limit: 500(INCLUDING in-text citations, but excluding the bibliography).


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