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How does dido attempt to justify her suicide?

On first two pages(starting from the second paragraph), when you summarize about the story. You need to put quotes You can’t just summarize it, you need to analyze with quotes even if you summarize the story.


All the sources need to be from the Virgil book I sent you and is not allow to use other sources from internet.

3. It needs to be very specific and quote much as possible

4. Needs to be at least 2 1/2 pages.

I need you to be more specific and write book number and line number after you quote something.

Also, you have to quote and use book 4 line 723-767 once because it says on the rubric I sent you.

You need to quote more and be specific.

”The most important thing to fix is to add a commentary section. The second part of the paper prompt asks you to reflect on alternative scenarios, and reflect on the overall significance of Virgil’s portrayal of suicide. This part is completely absent from your paper.”
Thank you!

10/29/2019 19:35 PM: Could you out the commentary that I have on my paper right now because its not related to my essay. I uploaded a file and that explains how you should write it


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