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How has rock music evolved


Rock music has seen an increased acceptance over the years with many more artists embracing the genre. It has influenced daily life, fashion, attitudes and language. Many different opinions have been raised about rock music. It has been associated with Satanism, violence and even drug use. Some also associate it with sex.

Types of rock music differ from Christian, alternative, metal, punk and hardcore music. These different groups also have different audiences ranging from the young to the older groups of people.

In the past, rock stars were associated with hard-drinking and hard-living. This therefore led the public to disregard the rock culture deeming it as a bad influence to the young people.

Parents discourage their children from listening to rock music due to the messages relayed by artists. This has been met by a lot of rebellion with teens resulting to dressing like the artists themselves in a gothic manner. This is a style of dressing that consists of leather clothing and metal chains plus bracelets.

Artists’ dressing however ranges between motorcycle leathers and modern Italian-led fashions. Their fashion sense has been embraced into the fashion industry with designers incorporating this look into other types of dressing to create a punk look.

Love and peace were common themes for creating music in the past. This has however changed over time with the evolving issues in the world and overall social issues. Artists who portray positive messages are few with many of them producing loud and instrumental music whose message is uninfluential to the growing population.

Only those with an open mind can learn to embrace controversial cultures such as these. However let us not shun upcoming rock artists under the notion that it is all negative.


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