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How judges’ decisions reduce the jail population? (bail, probation)

How judges’ decisions reduce the jail population? (bail, probation)
A judge is a person who moderates a court hearing either alone or with a panel of judges. Judges are supposed to conduct trials impartially in an open court. The powers, functions and discipline of these judges vary across different jurisdictions in the United States of America.
While settling legal disputes is their job, it’s a complex one because they’re expected to make rulings that deliver justice and fairness to everyone. Although some rulings made by judges may be based on their knowledge and understanding of the law, they’re required to make decisions based on the nature of the crime.
For instance, if a defendant is being accused of a crime like murder, the judge knows that if in fact he did it, he is a danger to the society so incarceration is the most logical ruling. But if the crimes committed were nonviolent, the defendant has a higher chance of getting bail. This helps in reducing the population in jails because if everyone being accused in a court of law was sent to prison, we would have more prisons than schools all over the world.
In some cases, judges hardly have enough time and resources to resolve a dispute but they’re expected to make an emergency ruling. A good example for this is a case of domestic violence where a judge is expected to issue a restraining order, sometimes a judge sets everything aside an immerses all his time on case to ensure that his ruling is what’s best for the situation.
All decisions made by judges are important because they decide what happens in a case. Judges get to decide whether someone gets bail, detention or goes to prison and their decisions are not reflected on whether the case is a homicide or a robbery without violence but rather the evidence accumulated.
Judges help in molding the law and although some cases are complex at times, they make sure law is applied at all times. Their decision-making process is endless and every decision is important.


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