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How to get off academic probation

What is academic probation and the causes

This is the placement of students who have not reached the required GPA per semester in a period where they are required to improve their grades failure to which they face dismissal.

This is due to low grades. They are hereby given an opportunity to resit their exams also known as retaking them with an aim to getting better grades. The probation period ranges starts when it is given and ends at the end of the semester.

Those put on academic probation are advised to seek counseling to find out the reasons why they had poor grades in the first place. After this they are given means through which they can uplift their grades and how to avoid academic probation in the future.

Dismissal of a student is considered permanent and one can only be readmitted if they show a certain readiness to improve their academic status. Their readmission is done by the dean of students after he has proved this. A student who has been dismissed however has the option of transferring to another institution or pursuing other interests.

Academic probation in the U.K. however refers to a period when a new member of staff at a university or college is given their first job. This period of probation is monitored by a probationary officer who does not act as a mentor but meets the probationer formally for reviews where he monitors the work done and provides goals to be reached by the probationer.

Though the two types of academic probation differ in one way or another, during this period, the probationer is required to observe discipline and abide by the set rules of the institution. Everything they do is put under speculation to determine t heir fate.

Academic probation for students however should be avoided as much as possible during their course of study.

All students have a role to play in planning their future. I believe academic probation helps them in every way to stay alert and awake.


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