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How to Write a Literary Analysis

Thesis Statement Objectives & Formulas:
A thesis statement must ANSWER to a specific question (the question or issue you have decided on for your paper).
A thesis statement must make a claim or proposition that reflects a specific point of view.
A thesis statement must recognize both sides of a question, yet focus on 3 specific points, which you will analyze in the body of your paper.
A thesis statement must be controversial, provocative, thoughtful, and reasonable (able to be proved with specific evidence).
A thesis statement is the roadmap of the entire essay. It should be the last sentence of the introduction paragraph. (The first sentence is usually a hook.)
For your Literary Analysis Paper, you are required to use one of these formulas and include an essay map. Formula number 3 has an essay map built into its structure, but for the other formulas, you will have to write a second sentence following your thesis for the 3 point essay map. These should be the last sentence/s of your introduction paragraph.

Formula 1:
In the short story __________ by __________, the author argues that __________.

Formula 2:
In the short story __________, _________ is right/wrong in his or her argument that __________.

Formula 3:
In the short story __________, __________ uses __________, __________, and __________ in order to convey __________. (Classic 3 part formula – make sure the body of the essay follows the formula.)

Formula 4:
By looking at ___________ by ___________, one can see __________, which is important because ____________ (something not obvious that bears your opinion).

Formula 5:
__________ (author), in her/his short story __________, (argues, demonstrates, etc.) __________ (claim) (revealing, showing, proving, etc.) __________ (an arguable idea that is uniquely your own).

In a text entry, use the short stories we read in our Classic American Literature Unit to try each of the 5 formulas for thesis statements. Number each of your thesis statements. Remember that for each formula except #3, you must include a second sentence with a 3 point essay map. Use the sample thesis statement in the How to Write a Literary Analysis file to help you. You may want to try writing about several of the stories in order to determine which story will carry you through an analysis paper.


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