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How to write an essay outline for university


The outline for the essay is said to be the best friend of any writer. It is the skeleton of the writer’s ideas. Essay outlines should summarize the intended contents of the essay. It assists the writer to put together his/her thoughts in a coherent manner making it sensible.

Some institutions actually require seeing the essay outline before the presentation of the actual essay as proof that the writer actually put in work. Examples of types of outlines are:

  1. Basic outline structure
  2. Expository essay outline
  3. Argumentative essay outline
  4. Narrative essay outline

Writers may use the above types of outlines as guidelines to write their essays. They prevent any omission of information that is important in the essay. Outlining a paper before actually starting to write it helps ensure the paper has a clear overall structure forward momentum.

A strong and good outline details each topic and subtopic in the paper organizing points in a sequential manner so that they build up your argument towards its conclusion. Writing from an outline also helps avoid underdeveloped paragraphs.

A writer writing without an outline is compared to a construction manager working on a skyscraper without a set of blueprints which is practically impossible.

Drawing up an outline enables writers to think before they write to prevent future regret for “freewriting’. Future insertions may be done but this is equal to adding thicker foundation to a building already built. It will never be as good as if done in the correct way and time.

The climatic arrangement which works up to a ‘grand finale’ is among the best to use as an outline to writing an essay.


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