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How to write better essays


According to the words of William Butler Yeats, education is not filing a pail, but the lighting of a fire. Upon reading this quote, I was left with an array of questions wondering what he may have meant. I choose to relate this quote with essay writing.

The experience may be one of the most maddening one ever has to go through. However, it does not have to be this way. I believe it’s all in the mind. Once you think something is easy, you have no difficulty doing it. Essay writing is based on pretty easy guidelines.

The writer has to carry out intense research on what they want to write. Through research they gain expertise as well as know-how. Analyzing the read material is the next step where they weigh the strengths and weaknesses. This may be through reading essays written by others.

Brainstorming by asking yourself a dozen questions and making sure you answer them also helps one in gaining original insights after proper speculation.

The writer has to come up with a thesis or main point which guides the reader on why and where they are going. The general appearance of an essay matters and therefore each paragraph should have its own point. With an attention grabbing introduction as well as title and first paragraph being major elements, the writer should be able to entice the reader.

In writing an essay, it should be formatted according to correct guidelines for citations by citing all borrowed ideas and quotations. Finally, the use of polished language, grammar and sentences that flow are attributes to a good essay.

The writers should proofread their work to make sure there are no mistakes and errors. Remember, not all that sounds good in your head looks good on paper.


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