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HRM in knowledge economy


Knowledge is becoming a critically important resource in contemporary business organizations, a development posing significant issues for Human Resource Management.

It draws together various strands of theory, research and practice to develop a better understanding of these issues, with special emphasis on Human Resource Management practice in knowledge-sensitive organizations. An economic and organizational shift began with the advent of the internet.

The internet forever changed the way information would flow within and outside of organizations. It would also forever change the way in which individuals could communicate with and contribute to their organizations. Increased job opportunities have led to increased global marketing and all this is to be coordinated by the Knowledge Age leaders and their Human Resource Staff.

The Knowledge Age comes about with the demise of the Industrial Age. The means of production for the Industrial age were capital, equipment, labor, land, and raw materials, while the means of production in the Knowledge Age are, most importantly, talent and technology.

In the Knowledge Age, change comes fast and frequently within organizations. In fact, the organizational ability to anticipate and quickly engage in change is now considered a key competitive advantage. Another important aspect of change is that organizational change is shifting from being episodic and is now continuous.

The whole Human Resource Management department has been transformed in the Knowledge Age and better and more efficient measures are being put in place.


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