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identify a clinical issue and propose a research question about this clinical issue.


Please us the template provided to complete the essay.
The aim of Assessment is to identify a clinical issue and propose a research question about this clinical issue. (I have provided the research question for the clinical issue and is as follows: “Does the seasonal influenza vaccine reduce the risk of vaccinated nurses passing on the influenza virus to vulnerable patient’s?) You are to then to conduct your literature search and determine whether there is existing evidence to answer the clinical question.
Once you have identified a research question (I have provided this) you will need to:
1. Conduct a literature search using Medline/CINAHL databases (at a minimum) and identify literature relevant to the research question. Append the search history from your two database searches to the assignment.
2. Write a Literature Review that describes what is already known about the research question. (NOTE: in addition to papers located from your database search, additional reports/ guidelines can also be accessed and included in your Literature Review).
3. Consider how well the existing literature addresses your research question? (Consider if your research question has been fully answered, partially answered, or not answered at all)
4. (a) Identify what further research could be conducted (and its characteristics such as design, sample, outcome measures) that might provide important information to answer your research question AND (b) what are some ethical considerations that apply to these possible research studies.

Please use CINAHL and Medline research databases for this essay and append the history search from both and enter to into the template.


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