Identify a contemporary issue facing one or more organisations

Identify a contemporary issue facing one or more organisations.

  • What is the problem you are analysing?
  • Analyse the issues/problem using at least one of the approaches discussed in the lectures
    • HRM differentiation, Types of I-deals (task, career, flexibility, financial package),
    Negotiations, Job crafting
    • Social media, truth and reputation
    ▫ Impact of social media on social relations.
    ▫ How a business operates in a world of mass communication – what happens if it
    loses reputation (justly or unjustly)
    ▫ Impact of regulation (of different models)
    • Big data, machine learning and “artificial intelligence”
    • Innovation (disruptive innovation/ sustaining innovation)
    • Cognitive bias
    • Analysing Brexit
    • Ethics
  • What does your in-depth analysis tell you about this problem?
  • Decide what should be done to tackle it;
    Write a report showing your analyses and outlining a strategy to tackle the problem

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