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implementing a discharge checklist to reduce congestive heart failure readmissions


+Must fill ALL three documents (evidence classification form, rapid critical appraisal tool, and evidence summation table) for EVERY SINGLE SOURCE listed on SEMINAR II Paper document!
I have provided an example for the evidence classification form (you do not have to redo Casteel for that) and also MULTIPLE examples for the Evidence summation table. Please use the attached evidenced summation table and just continue on that. Fill in the green highlighted areas, then please complete the other two documents for all sources.
Please read the attached rubric. The paper must be 8 pages in length along with the three additional required documents for each source.

Attached you will find the 1. Rubric 2. My seminar paper which you should read before beginning so you understand the purpose of the project 3. Evidence Classfication Form (must fill out one for each source 4. Evidence summation table (please complete highlighted ones) 5. Rapid critical appraisal tool (Please do one for each source) Message with any questions. Thank you in advance. Must be in APA


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