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Issues and trends in curriculum design

Issues and trends in curriculum design and development

To starts with, I will not dwell much attempting to initiate a philosophical discussion of what a curriculum is or trying considering its distinctions. But I will focus more on the issues and trends in curriculum design.

To my assumption a curriculum probably defines the end results for learners-in a more detailed sense-whatever we wish to achieve in our educational system in all levels of education from early childhood to ordinary levels.

Let’s examine briefly how curriculum is developed until presentation and the trends that are informing the tremendous work being done.

First the issue of relevancy is of fundamental concern to educators and policy makers and learners who must ensure the provided curriculum is relevant to all the needs and requirements of all learners. This will help learners acquire relevant knowledge that will enable them develop skills like numeracy and literacy, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, problem solving and so forth.

Taking a glance at what I would define as the most poignant trends, there is an increased utilization of computer in class, instant internet access and virtual classroom. Actually these points out the future of students will be student based if all the trends are blended together.


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