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1.4 Structure of Dissertation
Introductory chapter intended to introduce the topic put it in the relevant context, and give the research a purpose. It gives an overview of the concepts concerning job satisfaction and employee performance. The chapter briefly highlights the background, research objectives, research questions, the problem statement, research purpose as well as hypotheses.

Chapter two is the literature review. The chapter consists of the theoretical context of the research and consists of the theories that explain employee performance and job satisfaction in a relatively wider context. The chapter starts with an introductory, then the theories of job satisfaction and employee performance. The chapter consists of a review of the relevant literature incorporating empirical studies of other researchers. Job satisfaction is defined as well as the factors related to job satisfaction. Moreover, employee performance is discussed and the factors that are related as well as the consequences of job satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Furthermore, the chapter gives an overview and the background of the apparel industry in the UAE.

Chapter three identifies a discussion of the methods used in the research as well as a restating the objectives and research questions. Moreover, the chapter includes the research design, nature of research design, the research instruments, procedures, and analysis. Finally, the chapter presents ethical considerations and validity and reliability aspects of the sample population and the research information

Chapter four details the results of the study obtained from the analysis of the findings. The section includes demographic information, descriptive statistics, means and correlations between a variable that are presented in the form of tables and figures.

Chapter five provides a detailed explanation and interpretation of the research findings in a sequence that they were reported with a comprehensive discussion of the descriptive statistics reported in chapter 4. The outcome of the scores is also interpreted in the chapter and a biographical overview of the research data involved. The research hypothesis and assumption as also clarified for accurate conclusions.

Chapter 6 concludes the research, focusing on the research questions, methodology, discussions, and giving limitations of the study as well as areas that require further studies. Finally, specific recommendations are presented based on the findings of the research.


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