Journal Entry assignment on quitting smoking


make up every day that you tried to quit smoking under these guidelines and these questions for two weeks

Journal Entry Form
The logbook entries must be every day for two weeks. There is a 250-word minimum per entry. All entries must use correct spelling and grammar, and all must consist of complete, well-developed sentences. Note the day and the time of the entry. Answer each question individually. Do not leave out any question and do not merge the answer for one question with that for another.
1. What were your triggers? Did some sights, sounds or smells make it harder for you to abstain? How often were you reminded of your chosen substance or behavior?
2. What were your experiences with abstaining today? Was it easy or hard to abstain? Please explain.
3. Describe your physical status—how well did you eat today? How much energy did you have? Did you have any physical symptoms?
4. Describe your psychological status—what was your mental state like? How motivated were you to get through the day? What did you do to cope? Did you substitute something for what you gave up? If so, please describe.
5. Describe your social life—how much social support did you have? Did anyone try to talk you out of your project, or were they supportive? What did they do to support you? Did your project strain any relationship?
6. Describe your environment—how often were you exposed to media, advertising, or others’ behaviors that encouraged abstinence or relapse?
7. Describe the most important thing you learned about yourself today from this experience.
8. Describe what you learned about behavior and attitude change.
Epilogue: When you have completed 14 entries, please answer the following questions.
1. How hard was this part of the project to complete? 2. How truthful have you been? 3. How often did you want to give up? What kept you going? 4. How much of a change did you make? Compare your abstinent behavior to the baseline
behavior. 5. Do you plan to maintain your abstinence or resume use of the substance or engage in the
behavior at the same level as before the project? Please explain.

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