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Language challege coursework


With this week’s topic on language, here is a challenge that might be fun. I want us to make up a word as a class and see if we can get this word used by others before the end of the semester. This activity will reinforce the arbitrary nature of language codes but the importance of these symbols through shared meaning. I could not figure out how to make this our official discussion question, but I still think it will be fun to try.

Here is a description of what I want our word to express:

Have you ever noticed the trend that when drivers are about to depart from or when they first arrive to a destination they use their smartphones before driving? I have observed this behavioral pattern quite often in parking lots but I am not sure there is a word for this activity. I have witnessed near- fights over this issue, especially locations like malls, where parking spaces are limited.

Have you noticed this activity? Create a word you would use to describe it. Tell us the word, the part of speech represented (subject, verb, adjective) and the use of your word in a complete sentence. We’ll pick one entry then try and all use the word in our everyday conversations and on social media. Let’s see if we can spread the use of this word.


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