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Latino American history of assimilation and immigration

Latino colonial history

One person out of six in America is a Latino forming approximately 16.3 percent of the total states population. The Latino population is growing rapidly with an estimated growth of 29 percent by the year 2050.

Latino is a diverse group in America that is tied with a taste of colonial history, social and language perception and they have faced variety of challenges related to their identity. Although they have added a certain layer in America, their major hardship is assimilation.

Latino American history of assimilation and immigration is rather interesting, challenging and broad. Actually, a broad part of this history shows the way they still live and struggle in their attempt to establish their identity and fit in the society. Although acceptance is increasing with an increasing rate, it still presents difficulties.

The history of Latinos though not quite well documented, still remains very relevant to today’s America. For instance, the migration of the Cubans and Mexican led to deepening of the debt crisis in America due to increase in population.

Political turmoil as the Latino try to fight for their rights and recognition still brings a challenge. Increased violence still has similar effects and more particular in North America.


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