Leadership and Management

Research Project Task

Subject: Leadership/Management Styles & Job Satisfaction


How are the Leadership styles used by managers perceived by their employees, and what impact do those styles have on morale, efficiency and general job satisfaction?

(The project should be more targeted rather than wide ranged for the purpose of a better scope, feel free to focus the question on a certain company/department/geographical area or a comparison of 2 companies/areas of your choosing. Please try to opt for the choice with the most available data to analyse. (However, try not to use common/multi-national companies)

Requested Format:

– Title Page

– Abstract:

Provide a brief summary. It should state the nature and purpose of the project and outline the approach adopted. This should be short (300-500 words), self-contained, summative, objective, precise and easy to read.

– Table of Contents: It should list the sequence with page numbers of all relevant subdivisions of the research project; i.e. chapter headings section and sub-section

– List of Tables

– List of Figures/Illustrations

– Introduction, Aims and Objectives (10%)


Develop an introduction to current research. An introduction to the organisation should be included (if applicable).Demonstrate the relevance of the project to the field and ensure it is theoretically grounded. Links to relevant literature and academic debates& the evidence of extensive reading will be valued. Provide a clear rationale for the project aim and objectives


Provide feasible and manageable aims (have resource and data accessibility been considered)? Ensure the aim is original and has the potential to add insight to the field of study Does it conform to the right aim format? 

Objectives:Should be focused andreflect orlinkto the aims.Must be specific and observable. Do they conform to the right format (action verbs)? 

(In general, the clarity of stated aims and objectives, relevance to sector related issues, feasibility of aims and the rationale of the study will be assessed.)

– Literature Review(25%)

Search for relevant literature. Critically assess literature. Show awareness of the contribution of other researchers and awareness of relevant concepts. Identify direct linkage to project aims and objectives • Provide a critical review of relevant academic literature  • Critique existing research and link it to aims/objectives  • Review key academic theories  • Demonstrate relevance to contemporary/current debates  • Be current (not outdated sources)  • Be related to previous published and “recognised” work  • Be critical (include sources that both support, and oppose the aims and objectives)  • Be able to differentiate fact and opinion  • Assess strengths and weaknesses of previous work.  • Be objective, unbiased, coherent and cohesive.  • Adhere to the Harvard Referencing System 

– Methodology(25%)

Ensure choice and use of research methods are appropriate to the aims and objectives of the project. Provide sound justification, including evidence of secondary data supporting choice of methods. Provide a clear and concise account and justification for each of the following: • Research approach • Research design • Research methods • Data collection • Ethical issues • Reliability and validity of the study • Limitations

– Data Analysis and Discussion(25%)

Presentation of data, quality of interpretation and analysis. Clear relationship should be made between aims and objectives, literature and findings. Must demonstrate critical thought. • Is the data appropriately presented (graphically or verbatim) and linked to the objectives? • Is the data presentation factual or interpretative?  • Analysis should answer the research questions • Does the analysis relate or link to previous knowledge in the field?  • Is the analysis built from the findings?  • Is the analysis linked to the literature review?  • Research should be analytical rather than merely descriptive • Have the research objectives been met?

– Conclusion and Recommendations(25%)

Aims and objectives should be satisfied. Include an effective drawing out of key issues.  Conclusions should be: • Drawn from the findings • Linked to the literature • Linked to aims and objective Recommendations are: • Based on the findings and conclusions • Feasible

Please use Harvard Referencing

– References: The research project should include a list of all relevant texts/journals used. – Appendices: The appendices should only include material that is not central to the arguments in the main text.

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