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Leadership in a small group and the list of responsibilities in a small group on


Quiz Instructions:

Attend a meeting of a student, faculty, city or some other decision-making group. Select a group with a limited number of members so that you can observe interactions among them. Take notes during the meeting and then, using the list leadership in a small group and the list of responsibilities in a small group on pages 374 – 378 as a guide, write a brief analysis (2 – 3 pages) of the group’s interactions. List the following questions by their number in this order, repeating the question:

I dont work at this moments, but I use to worked with the district @ the elementary school and at the Agriculture office as a office manager
please help with this paper
it could be relate with a group from school or for the office whatever is easy for you.

Which responsibilities did the group perform well?
Which responsibilities seemed to receive little attention?
What could the group do to foster more effective interactions?
If the group had a leader, what strengths and weaknesses did you observe in his or her communication behaviors?

this is Public-Speaking-I-Fall-I-2019-COMU-101


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