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Leadership in Film assignment-movie review Twelve Angry Men (1957) or Invictus (2009).

Leadership Practice

Please follow directions attached Book…leadership challenge 4th edition kouzes& Posner …thats to get leadership theories to apply to movie

Leadership in Film
Discussion Forum Guidelines

This assignment will be completed during our asynchronous week. You will watch one of two films: Twelve Angry Men (1957) or Invictus (2009). Unless you own one of these films or can rent it from the library, you will need to pay the small fee to rent one of the films. On Google Play the cost is $2.99 or $3.99. They’re also available on iTunes and Amazon. Below are the Google Play links:



Initial Post
After viewing one of the films, please create an initial post in the Leadership in Film Discussion Forum according to the following prompts:

• Choose three of the five leadership practices from The Leadership Challenge (pages 14-26) and provide examples of how you believe the film’s leader(s) exhibited and/or developed these leadership practices.
• Write at least one paragraph (approx. 200 words) for each of the three practices you choose.

Response Posts
• Please respond to two of your classmates (who viewed the same film as you) and share the practices you highlighted in your initial post and compare your analysis with your classmates’ analysis (e.g. what characters did you discuss? what examples did you analyze? do you agree or disagree with your classmates’ analysis?).
• Your response post should be no less than 200 words for each response.


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