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Leading causes of road accidents in the UAE

Leading causes of motor accidents in the UAE

Car accident in the UAE is the leading cause of death and chief factor that has left people with very dangerous disability. In 2010 and 2011 alone, car accidents in the UAE were 720 and 826 respectively.

With the increased accidents, UAE has experienced traffic violations as people are injured severely. The young drivers and women drives in UAE have not been exempted from this mess either.

Male driving behavior

Male in the UAE have adopted a very risk behavior when driving cars that can cause crashes compared to female whom they counterpart with. Causes of car accidents in the UAE have worried even the statisticians who discovered this behavior that is deviant from the common driving norm.  


In the UAE, the drivers should be well educated on Causes of car accidents in the UAE such as tailgating. Nevertheless, a proper training on infrastructure and the required laws will be substantial to enforce rest safety be compromised.

Highest number of vehicles

Another Cause of car accidents in the UAE is related with the highest density of population. Also, the increasing accidents come as a result of vehicles that cause a huge traffic and confusion that result to unnecessary Causes of car accidents in the UAE.

The other causes include;

Avoiding appreciating other people who are using road

Entering the road without checking whether there are other vehicles

Finally, the causes of car accident in the UAE are also including Driving recklessly but not limited to bursting.


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