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Learning about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)


Go to CredoReferenceand spend some time learning about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While you’re learning about PTSD, compile a list of sources that help you understand it and explain it to your reader. I suggest using the Mind Map to explore related keywords and clicking the button that eliminates definitions from the search results to help you find better secondary sources.
Write an essay that examines how the O’Brien stories reflect the struggles of Vietnam veterans after the war ended and how the characters deal with PTSD symptoms even if O’Brien doesn’t use that term.
In addition to the story or stories, you should include at least two sources from CredoReferenceand/or our library’s other databases on the subject of PTSD or the experienesof Vietnam vets.

Your primary sources for this essay will be the O’Brien stories. This means that your essay should be rooted in an analysis of those stories. You may use both “The Lives of the Dead” and “The Things They Carried” or focus on one them alone

Must fully cite your sources (both in text and works cited page


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