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Managing emotions essay

Treating and managing emotions essay

Management of emotions differs from one person to another. Emotional distress however has become a common problem among individuals of different ages all over the world. Feelings of distress may be sadness, fear, depression, panic, or anxiety. Emotional distress may lead one to see as if nobody understands what you are going through.

One’s feelings are generally vulnerable to hurt and disappointment and getting through to the person may prove difficult. These feelings may be overwhelming to the individual and may cause a strain on the physical and emotional energy of an individual.

How to manage emotions in a positive way

Anger is also an emotion that drives many to extents they cannot understand. Diagnosis of anger problems may take time since the first sign is denial. Many people with anger issues have found themselves in situations that they cannot control. Expressing anger in a productive and controlled way can prevent feelings from building up and causing emotional problems such as hostility and inconsiderate impulses.

Anger management classes and treatment are however available for individuals who are suffering from anger management issues. When bad things happen, it may take a while to get over the pain and to feel safe again. Emotional and psychological trauma is the result of stressful events that destroy one’s sense of security making one feel helpless and vulnerable.

Importance of managing emotions

Treatment involves first accepting you are suffering from some kind of emotional trauma or breakdown. Therapists specialized in this field are available for patients who need help. Treatment options available are many and are effective based on the attitude of the person being treated.

Emotional distress, trauma and breakdown are common and treatable. It is definitely no cause of alarm but requires immediate treatment. There is an upside to every situation, so once you have a problem, solve it and smile.


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