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Memorable childhood experience essay

Childhood memories

Childhood is the period between a child’s birth and adulthood which is the age of 18. During this period, the child gets to learn a lot from their parents or guardians as well as to acquire skills that will help them to tackle life issues. A child’s growth is highly influenced by his/her surrounding.

It has been noted that children who are brought up by both parents actually end up being better individuals unlike those who have seen their parents go through divorce, separation or are brought up by single parents.

Organizations such as Childhood founded in 1999 by Queen Silvia of Sweden. It works with prevention efforts to reduce the risk of abuse. It also promotes educational opportunities to teach skills to stop child abuse.

The way each parent brings up their child differs depending on their background. However, understanding one’s child is key in a parent-child relationship. The way and means a parent uses to discipline their child also influences growth.

One should ensure not to harm their child’s emotions which could lead to damage for the rest of their lives. Psychologists encourage the involvement of children in making decisions in the household. This opens up their minds to the virtue of responsibility therefore making them feel important in the family.

Parents’ presence I the day to day life of a child also plays a major role in development, both mental and emotional. When one’s parent is away most of the time, they do not get to learn about their children and will often end up making mistakes and wrong choices when it comes to their children.

I would advise that all aspiring parents get counseling before becoming parents to avoid such minor issues that could damage children for life.


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