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Men’s health vs women’s health and the differences in cancer statistics


Men and women suffer from different types of cancers for example breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men .the intensity of these cancers is however similar since despite gender differences, they both still have to undergo chemotherapy which helps in managing the sickness.

These types of cancers listed above do not discriminate based on race. Both the white and the black Americans are at the risk of getting them. In men, bladder cancer is common among the white and cancer of the mouth and throat is common for the black population.

Some percentage of the male population may also end up getting breast cancer. Though it is common for women than men, it is not entirely impossible for men to suffer from it.

Cancer has generally led to the decline in health for both men and women. Those who are lucky enough to be stable financially can acquire unlimited healthcare as compared to the less fortunate individuals.

Luckily, there are many organizations and cancer support groups that provide healthcare for cheaper prices while others free of charge to the poor cancer patients.

Cancer unlike other diseases do not o away immediately after starting treatment. The patient has to practice patience by sticking to their drugs as well as therapy sessions.

Generally, cancer has led to a decrease in all types of health be it mental, physical or sexual. This is however not a death sentence and there are very many cancer survivors out there.


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