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Middle Childhood Experiments

Middle Childhood Experiments- choose one of the experiments below and complete on a child or children age 7 to 12, then post report. 1.Cognitive Development of Middle Childhood (pick one) a.Classification skills. (Piaget) b.Memory skills or strategies (Piaget) c.Intelligence test (Gardner) CHDVB21 Dr.Towns Name________________ Research Study Report Stage of Childhood ____________________ 1.Topic:_________________________ 2.Describe: a.Hypothesis (what did you believe would happen based on child and theory) b.Materials needed c.Procedures (How did you conduct the experiment) d.Documentation- you must post pictures or videos of the experiment. e.Name, age, and number of participants f.Findings. Did it prove the hypothesis? Why or why not? Compare and Contrast your results in relation to the original research or theory you modeled your experiment after.


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