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Movie critique: Forrest Gump

Topic: Movie critique: Forrest Gump.

“Life is like a chocolate box you don’t know what you are going to get inside”. But when you watch the movie Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks (starring) as the Forrest and Robin Wright as Jenny you’re sure to get batch of laughs as well as few tears. The 19994 movie screenplay was scripted by Eric Roth and the theme of the movie was based on the novel written by Winston Groom.

The story is about Forrest’s thirty years of tribulations and trials and he is placed within historical moments of history, and in hunt of his dream regarding Jenny who is a special friend. During the time the movie won Oscar awards-Robert Zemeckis as the best Director, Hanks as the best actor, best picture, adapted screenplay, visual effects and film editing (Washington post 1).


Forrest Gump is an easy man whose intelligence quotient is low, but with good intents. Through childhood he runs with his only best friend Jenny. His mother trains him the approaches of life and leaves him to decide his destiny. He joins the army, makes new friends called Bubba and Dan in Vietnam, Forrest wins medals, motivates people to jog, writes songs and bumper stickers, donate to people, starts a ping pong craze and he severally meet the president. Regardless of all the achievement Gump only thinks of Jenny Curran the childhood sweetheart. Jenny has cluttered up her life. But as the movie ends he demonstrates that anybody can love anybody.


A major factor in the film is the ability of the films’ actors to showcase their own characters. Robin Wright and Tom Hanks worked excellently. The on screen chemistry between Forrest and Jenny was quite phenomenal. A real connection is felt between the two, but when Jenny blows Forrest off and in tears when he breaks the news he is going to Vietnam, it just makes someone mad. Hanks is a Forrest Gump-he inhales life into the man and you will experience what Forrest experiences (Berardinelli 1). Another piece that stands out is the scene where Gary Sinise acts the role of a Lieutenant Taylor Dan, who is saved by Forrest during the Vietnam War.


The movie Forrest Gump deserves all the awards because of its extraordinary visual effects and the acting. All the actors in the movie have portrayed their characters quite well. For instance, you will be convinced by Sinise emotions as he behaves as if he has lost both legs during the Vietnam War. This only portrays how incredible special effects were. Lieutenant Dan Taylor’s scene leaves one convinced that he lost both legs (Travers 1).

Placing Forrest in history making events has made the movie more credible. Some of the events include meeting the president for various missions, training Elvis how to swing the hips. Actually Forrest’s clips are done pretty well with such fineness of looking real. All the clips are flawless. Watching Forrest Gump is enjoyable as it portrays someone with realistic values of sincerity, family and companionship. Although Forrest has a low IQ, he shows a heart of gold and never gives. In every scenario he hopes for the best.

The good thing we can learn from the movie Forrest Gump is we should never be afraid to be honest. As Forrest does, he says everything that is in his mind and that helped many realize who they really were. It is better to tell people we care about most how we feel about them. Forrest never hesitated expressing and demonstrating his affection. Never be afraid to love. Love deeply and never fear being hurt.

As Forrest does not over think about the love he has for Jenny because he just loves. In addition, never be afraid to loose. What one believes in can achieve. Like Forrest did he went anywhere and believed he was an achiever. Finally, we are the one to define our destiny.


From the movie we learn that everyone has a destiny and we should never give up. Although Forrest has Low IQ he has accomplished much in life. As Forrest, we should be brave, loyal and honest. Forrest’s ability for hope is well rubbed off on us by Zemeckis.


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