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My personal statement assignment

I want to emphasis my outstanding academic background especially i have dual-degree (accounting; economics) and my cfa 1 level (passed). Also, please link my academic background and experience to the master of science in finance degree (which i intend to apply and offered by the hongkong university) as much as possible.

My resume sample


University of Oregon

Bachelor of Science Accounting; Economics

Sep 2015 – Jun 2019

Eugene, OR

GPA: 3.97 / 4.0 (Top 5%)

CFA Level 1 (Passed)

Honors/Awards: Latin Honors-Magna Cum Laude, Beta Gamma Sigma (2018-Current), Beta Alpha Psi (2017-2019)


University of Oregon

Intern , Office of Internal Audit

Jan 2019 – Jun 2019

Eugene, OR

Collected more than 7,000 contracts of the university in the past 3 years, and used Excel to screen and classify according to different departments, amounts and contract types.

Extracted 15% of the samples for contractual compliance analysis; checked whether the different departments provided real and effective documents according to the university contract policy and internal auditing standards and whether the contract signatory has appropriate authority; analyzed the suspicious details of the contract details.

Sent the inquiry documents to the relevant departments of the university, the vice president of finance, and the general manager of the contract; discussed the reasons for the potential problems and asked whether the relevant departments have independent processing systems for certain special situations.

Summarized the content of the meeting and the identified risk in the analytic process; submitted the rectification opinions to the relevant departments, and finally provided the audit committee and the university board with risk management report.

Formulated the annual training plan regarding to all the identified risk in the process of contract signing for all departments of the university, and developed a new independent contract declaration and signing system for special contracts with local, state and federal government.


Organization/Activity Name

Tutor Chair , Braddock Tutoring Center

Jun 2017 – Jun 2019

Assigning tutors and students into separate studying groups based on the various requirements from students

Training tutors about professionalism and ethics

Responding academic and teaching questions from tutors

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program

Tax Preparer , Beta Alpha Psi

Jan 2018 – Apr 2019

Eugene, OR

Passed the basic and advance exams; intake/interview and quality review exam and volunteer standards of conduct exam.

Interviewed 78 clients; gathered paperworks like health insurance tax forms, salary tax forms, and other forms regarding to tax deduction in order to make sure all the works are complying with relevant regulation

Organized the information and entered it into the tax filing system, complete the city, state, and federal tax return forms。


Skills: Word (Proficient), PowerPoint (Proficient), Excel (Basic)

Languages: English (Fluent), Chinese (Native)

Interests: Basketball (The Second Level Athletic in China )


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