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Narrative Essay

Writing a short Narrative Essay

As a form of expository writing, the narrative essay presents writers with the chance to not only think but also write about themselves. Students should consider that when writing a narrative essay, they are essentially narrating a story.

It is therefore critical for a student to include the elements of story telling which include a plot, characters, a setting, climax as well as an ending. This type of essay is also characterized by details that are meant to provide comprehensive support to the story.

In writing a narrative essay, the student must strive to be entertaining since he is essentially either recounting an event or illustrating a given idea.

A narrative essay has five basic steps including defining the purpose. Here, the student must critically explain why they are telling the story being that every essay must have a purpose. In addition, the student should critically establish the context of their narrative by answering the questions, who, what, where and when.

The student must also determine which point of view he will use to tell his story and to ensure consistency is achieved with the chosen format. The student must also include a wide range of details in order to ensure clarity selecting only the facts that are relevant.

The pupil must also consider that narrative essays follow a chronological timeline and should therefore ensure that they keep their tenses consistent.


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