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nursing core competencies paper

I feel nursing core competencies are designed to help gear leaders, managers, and directors of nursing to were they need to focus on. It all starts with the first one patient-center care. Sometimes as nurses we forget that it is a patient, we are giving the medication too. And sometimes we get caught up in our own lives and what they eat for dinner last night. We strive for professionalism in nursing.

Like take ownership on what you gave and why you gave that medication. We also use informatics and technology to tell us that we can mix that antibiotic with that i.v. solution that are going into the patient. Or that we the scanner and scan the patient and then the medication to make sure we are giving the write medication to the right patient.

In the society of nursing we have to make sure that the practices we use are evidence-base. Not just something you google in the internet. There has to be leadership there to make sure the nurses are doing the right thing. Safety, communication and team work is what we need to make quality improvement to our nursing practice.

As said in the article by park, hye-young, professionalism is use to make sure the nurses are prepared for a disaster. By identifying what the nurses know what the nurses know what to do with a disaster and realizing what they need to put in place.

In conclusion the article state it showed the facilities the nurses need more education and training programs to be more sufficient during a disaster.


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