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Organization name: Go bananas comedy

Purpose: As an arts manager, you need to understand the planning that goes into fundraising and development. Even if you are not in the development department, it will be a necessary part of your job. This project is designed to make you contemplate the strategies an organization would use to reach different audiences for different parts of a comprehensive fundraising plan.

The bad news is that your development director just quit and your board is expecting to hear your fundraising plans at their next meeting. The development director did leave a list of the components of a comprehensive plan and the goals for each one, but it is up to you to craft strategies for each one. The components and goals are:

Annual fund

Increase the number of donors under the age of 40
Don’t lose any donors over 40

Capital campaign

The board wants to build a dedicated space, which will cost $10 million
Board members have given $5 million; you must raise the other half
Your board president has given you the name of a couple who could give $4 million
Your board secretary thinks that families in her neighborhood (10 of them) could each give $100,000


The board wants you to create a membership option that has a FMV of $0
They want the membership to cost $100/year

Corporate giving

Two new companies, Woohoo (a search engine) and VwL (an app design start-up), have opened in town
The board would like to see some level of giving, in cash or in-kind

Your strategies for each component should present a realistic and viable set of methods for accomplishing your given goals. There is no page minimum or maximum, but you should be thorough in your answers.


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