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Organization theory and behaviour notes

Discuss the modern theory of organisation how is it relevant in the modern organisation

Change is inevitable and for the organizations to properly adjust and cope with the rapid change organizational theories come hardy in suggesting the way forward.

By definition, organizational theory is the study of relationship of organization, organizational designs and structures and the relationship with the external environment, behavior of technocrats and managers within the organization.

The main aim of a business organization is delivering goods and services to the customers in a way they can realize maximum profit during the transaction.

Over decades, scholars, researchers, economists, and business analysts have suggested several theories in an attempt to explain business organization dynamics involving the way they adjust to conflict, changes, power distribution and decision-making.

Some theories are widely known and they have been used to expand organizational strategies and how they can benefit positively. Modern organizational theory, which started at the beginning of industrial revolution, is deeply concerned with concept development.

It clearly portrays the importance tightly controlled policies, rules and procedures. The Weber’s bureaucratic approach (modern organization theory) is based on the concept of democracy to workers, specialization, stability and predictability, structure and rationality.

Administrative theory is based on the concept of management by proper training, coordinating, planning and dictating. To ensure our organizations function efficiently , it paramount tom know how the society changes.


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