Our refund policy

satisfactory essay help or money-back

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With essayhelp247.com, your money is always safe with us. Once you buy an essay, we ensure you get the best of our writing services 100% satisfaction guaranteed with free unlimited revisions on your paper if you feel less contented.

In case still not satisfied with the results despite a couple of revisions, you can at liberty to request top ten writer free who will redo your paper. If still not satisfied, you are then free to ask for your money back. We always try our very best to ensure it doesn’t get to that point.

Once a revision is called for, our process is always to assign a VIP support member who follows up on your order keenly on every step to ensure the writer adheres to all your instructions fully. The paper is then reviewed by our Quality Assurance Department-QAD upon being proofread by our editors all in an effort to meet all the client’s instructions, we are happy when you the client gets happy results.

If by this time you are unsatisfied, we do not waste your time, the issue is investigated and within 3 days you get your refund, all this because we value you as a client.


Buying your paper with us is a demonstration of your trust which we do not take for granted. We have made sure that the process of buying an essay is risk free and a client is entitled to getting value for their money and in case of unsatisfactory results, a refund can be requested and should be effected without wasting time.

A client is allowed to file for a refund-partial depending on the circumstances. A promise is always a debt, we always make sure what we promise is what we deliver.

As it is our policy, all refund requests must be investigated by our QAD and that is always communicated to the client within 3 days. The refund takes place within 3-30 days depending on the case and it is guaranteed, you don’t have to fret. We highly apologize for any inconveniences that might cause any refund request and we promise to take the least time possible to ensure you get your refund without wasting your time to allow you order a different paper if you wish.