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Outdoor pollution Environmental issues essay

Pollution is the act of making anything unclean. It is the presence of solids, liquid or gas in an outdoor setting that are harmful to human beings. This article will therefore overlook on outdoor pollution.

An outdoor pollution courses discomforts to human beings. Outdoor air pollution can be caused by smoke or dust. Air pollution is known as the introduction of particulates, biological molecules or other harmful materials into the earth’s atmosphere.

This can cause diseases, death to human beings, and damage to other living organisms such as food crops. An air pollutant is a substance found in the air that can adversely have effects on ecosystem as well as human. Air pollution can be caused by cars, factories and manmade materials, excessive burning of fuel, release of a huge amount of chemical substances in the air every day. 

Nature can as well produce air pollution. Smoke from the chimneys, factories, vehicle or even burning of wood occurs from burning coal. This then releases sulphur dioxide into the air thus making it toxic causes global warming and acid rain as well. This has then increased temperatures, erratic rains and the droughts worldwide. This makes it tough for the survival of animals. We breathe in polluted particles from the air. This cause’s asthma and lung cancer.

Effect of pollution then follows to be;

  • Environmental degradation
  • Human health
  • Global warming
  • Ozone layer depletion
  • Infertile land


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