Parental involvement and students academic achievement

Parental Involvement and student academic achievement
Albert Bandura invented the social learning and the social cognitive learning theory in 1971 which views learning as a persisting change in human performance as a result of the learner’s interaction with the environment. The theory sees the environment as the major force in development. Social learning theory states that we learn from our interactions with others in a social context. This is like observing the behaviors of others and emulating similar behaviors. People assimilate and imitate other desirable behaviors from those around them. The theory is based on three principles of observation, imitation and modeling. These principles operate in the same way throughout life.
Education is a social behavior which heavily operates on Albert Bandura’s theory. Parents are the immediate authority in the academic journey of children and thus provide a lasting impact on children’s learning.
Parents are the first and best teachers that children have. Everything that parents do at home greatly influences a child’s learning. This goes beyond the normal parent-child relationship to include parental characteristics, their personal attitudes, their notions about education, their income and how they interact with their children and their children’s schools.
Parental involvement in a child’s education is positively related to its academic achievement. When the involvement is more intense, there is a greater likelihood of better results. Parental involvement should include, effective parenting, a two way communication with the school and child, volunteerism at the school, assisting with homework and constant participation in school activities.
Parental education contributes to a child’s academic achievement by providing more education related insights and opportunities. Educated parents will understand what kind of decisions need to be made at all stages of their child’s levels of education and how to tackle the challenges that may arise therein.
Parents should project themselves as the first role model which encourage and motivate their children. They should provide a higher standard that resonates with the education needs of their children and minimize or contain any unnecessary habits that may negatively have an impact on the education of their children since learning is highly a social activity.

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