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Parkinson’s disease free essay

Parkinson’s disease introduction

Writing an essay on PARKINSON’S DISEASE or just a researchpaper, you first need to draft an outline before writing the main paper where it will include an introduction paragraph, the body and conclusion paragraph. The below writing is based from the thesis sentence on stages of parkinson disease.

The final stages of this disease are indeed complex. The disease in itself is not a terminal condition but upon reach into these stages, the patient may actually need to receive care 24 hours each day. The body by this time is vulnerable to all manner of diseases, causing a general decline in health.

There comes a stage where those suffering from the Parkinson’s disease do not respond to medication and are at a high risk of dying. During this time, all those around the patient as well as the patient may undergo stress and pain as it is a very difficult time.

There are five stages of this disease. Each stage takes its own individual time and contains different symptoms. The third, fourth and fifth stages are characterized by reduced physical movements and activities as well as the patient not being able to be independent.

It becomes very difficult for the patient to complete tasks that he or she could before. These stages require one to receive one on one nursing care either at home or in certified medical institutions. This is done to ensure the patient acquires extreme care which does not mean complete healing, but, improves the chances of the patient to live a longer better life.

The loss of a loved one is one thing that none of us would want to even think of. Progression from the fifth stage is however impossible and families of patients may be forced to start planning and preparing for the worst. When we look on the bright side, they have fought enough to still be here at this time. In the end of it all, death is indeed inevitable.


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