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Parkinson’s Disease nursing essay

Parkinson’s Disease.

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive condition that deteriorates the nervous system and gradually affects movement. It may start just with minor shaking of hands and overtime it leads to stiffness and immobility. This complex disorder is often very hard to notice in its early stages and this leads to it being diagnosed a little later in many patients.
It may start with symptoms likes the face showing little to no expression or not shaking hands and legs when walking and overtime affects speech too leading to patients slurring or soft. As time progresses, the disease continues to deteriorate an individual’s body. This disorder varies from one person to another making it even more complex. It often affects one side of the body and worsens it with time and sometimes it moves on to both sides of the body.
Some of the symptoms include: minor tremors which usually begin in the hands or limbs, slowed movement over time making it hard to multitask, impaired posture leading to balancing problems, speech changes and it may even be hard to write.
It is unclear what causes Parkinson disease but it is believed to be caused by breaking down and gradually death of neurons This affects a chemical called dopamine and with its reduction, it causes abnormal brain activity. Its been proven that it may be linked to genetic mutation and sometimes having relatives suffering from it makes puts an individual in a higher risk of getting it making it hereditary. Environmental factors like living in areas where you’re exposed to toxins such as herbicides increases the chances.
Parkinson’s disease is accompanied by other symptoms like depression, bladder problems, eating and chewing disorders as it progresses, constipation and many others. Because its unclear what causes it, there is no proven treatment for it but making a few lifestyle changes can help make things more comfortable.
It’s advised for patients with this disease to exercise and stay in toxic free environment. It’s also advised to drink more caffeine and having a great support network from family and friends to help deal with things like depression


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