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Patient safety nursing essay


Nurses are as important as the doctors in any given hospital. They provide and serve as communication liaison between patients and other medical personnel.

They must be aware of the quality, efficiency and safety of quality they provide, and also be accountable for it. It is the role of every nurse to ensure that their patients are receiving as much attention and help as they want.

Clinical risks must be minimized by making sure that the nurses possess the necessary competencies to undertake their roles. One has to go through nursing school so as to finally become qualified and certified nurses.

Clinicians have been trained on how to use technology to carry out practices that technology can make safer. Nurses should be caring, compassionate and have a commitment to helping people. Nurses in clinical practices are involved in patient care including:

  1. Obtaining blood samples
  2. Minor and complex wound management, including leg ulcers
  3. Travel health advice and vaccinations
  4. Family planning and women’s health including cervical smears
  5. Sexual health services
  6. Men’s health screening

When it comes to safety in the practice, nurses are the safety net, they are the ones available all the time to catch medication errors, catching patient falls, recognizing when a patient needs something and such.

Nursing comes from the heart. The relationship nurses make with their patients makes them complete. They become friends and share a lot during that period they are in hospital. This I believe is among the most fulfilling of professions, don’t you?


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