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Persuade essay: Video games influence violent crime?

Requirement: 1) Persuade others to adopt the point of view on an important current event in the last 2 years that related to video games and violence. 2) Write in Third-person point of view 3) Contain a minimum of five citations from at least three credible sources (e.g. book, magazine, newspaper, online journal, film, speech, interview, etc.); limited to sources that are peer-reviewed and/or that includes the testimony of experts. Reliable news sources also permitted. (The Word Cited list at the last page will not count words) 4) Structure: * Introduction: Interesting opening sentence (“hook”). Brief background information on the current event. Outline of the body (overview of what you are writing about–do not direct at the reader) Thesis statement (present the current event and what you will be persuading your audience to think about it) * Body: Detail the reasoning that supports your thesis using information from credible sources. Address the opposing viewpoint(s) somewhere in or throughout the paper. * Conclusion: Answer for the So what? (Why is this current event important in society?) 5) MLA formatting


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