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Persuasive essay on vaccines and the importance of vaccination

Vaccinations and vaccines explained

Vaccination is administrating an antigen/vaccine to stimulate a person’s body to develop immunity to a pathogen. It is the most effective method of preventing infectious diseases Maurice Hilleman is a prolific inventor of vaccines such as that of mumps and measles.

To eliminate the risk of spread of diseases, governments have created a specified time for administration of vaccines. During these times, it is mandatory for all people to get these vaccines either at local health institutions or areas provided by the government. In countries with limited transport means and poor economic status, there are a lot of deaths due to this.

The World Health organization among others is trying to establish links with various countries to ensure vaccinations take place globally especially that of children. Routes for administration of vaccines differ from oral to nasal, subcutaneous, intradermal and intramuscular.

Vaccination does not apply only to human beings. It also can be done to animals. The importance of vaccination is that it has helped in the prevention as well as cure of very many diseases all over the world therefore preventing deaths.

There are a number of cases however where families have raised cases in court about the side effects of various vaccines. They have, as a result been given prizes as compensation. The government has put a stop to some of these vaccines to avoid the said effects. Organizations however say that these accusations are unfound.

All citizens should ensure they take advantage of vaccinations given by the government since it is to their advantage.


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