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Persuasive Research Paper

Topic: Persuasive Research Paper

The national right of every nation is focused towards empowering the nation’s economic system through governing the right of education to develop the talents, personality as well as the mental and physical attributes of children. In this regard, the issue regarding school dropouts is creating a rage throughout the nations. This aspect of school dropouts signifies that lesser students get graduated from schools as predicted by the nation. As a consequence, government has been taking various reforms to reboot their education system, to reduce dropout rate in the current scenario. According to Letgers, a research scientist, John Hopkins University (1) it is observed that due to wide disparities such as racial, foreign-born status, Hispanic origin and ethnic minority groups the dropout rate is increasing in the nation.

Based on the above context, the assignment intends to explore the scenario of the US schooling system. The discussion will explore the major reason of school dropouts in the US nation. Additionally, argument will be drawn in favour and against the reason supported in discussion provided with the aim of determining the appropriateness of the arguments relating to key reason for such crucial issue.



According to Letgers, a research scientist, John Hopkins University (paragraph 1) School dropout is one of the severe problems in the educational system of the US wherein it is reported that at around 71% of the overall students in the nation gets graduated from school. In this regard, understanding the criticality of the problem and key reason behind such dropout rates is much critical in order to develop effective measure for the same. The nation government officials of the US have noticed that there is vast increase in the student dropout. There is various reasons behind the school dropout in the US, among them racialism and injustice with Hispanic and African people are the key issues.

However, based on the above analysis, it can be stated that the dropout rate in the nation has decreased over the last 20 years, but the dropout rates is still more amid the African-American students  as compared to the white students. Moreover, through this it can be affirmed that the dropout rate is more due to the racial problem and discrimination (American Psychological Association para1). In this context, it can be justified with fact that in some of the US district schools, the dropout scenario of the African-American is considerable noticed at around and more than 50%, which is leading to savior education problem for the foreign student in the nation.

The ‘U.S. Census Bureau’, report reveals that African-Americans student within the age group of between 14 to 24 years get have a dropout rate of 15.3% on the other hand white student have 12.2%. The key information reveals that black or the Hispanic dropout rates in the US nation high school are higher as the white and Asian community peoples.  During the year 2013, it was observed that 5% student amid the age group of 16 to 24 of white community did not enroll in the high school but for the same the figure is significantly higher in Hispanics student, which was around 12%.

According to Phew Hispanic Centre (38) the people are born Latinos with fairly positive as well as optimistic in their approach. Besides, white people often feel that they are having more opportunity in the nation and try to get ahead of Hispanic children in every aspect, even if the child belongs to the US. They feel they are superior to the black and hence can avail every facility but not the other people of different origin.  On the other hand the black people have different perspective and thinking due to their cultural differences. As a result of which the disparity in the community arises and black student are provoked by the white people and the consequences of school dropout arises. Moreover, in the context the high racial issues in the US lead to educational disparities in the various ethnic group of the nation. The disparities are manifested in the African-American students as they are likely to receive lower grading and score in the standardized tests, which ultimately increase the chances of high dropout in high school, college than white students.


The above assessment of characteristics of high racial issues in the US has led to the increase in the dropout rate. There are various other perspectives which need to be considered such as the economic, equity considerations and societal behind the issues of dropout. As during the year 2012, the dropout was estimated to be around 1.1 million and the major reason behind the dropouts was the high bleak economic as well as other social prospects. Justifiably, in relation to the above statements, counterarguments can be made stating that racial issues are not the major reason behind the high dropout in the school.

Student characteristics, family characteristics, school characteristics and high-stakes in the exams were also accountable for the majority of dropout. The characteristics of the student are another key reason behind the increase in dropout rate. Some of the students get highly affected with the poor performance in the school and lead to dropout. In this context, it can be justifiable with the example that when the student get low scores or fails to get good score or retain their grades they consciously take the decision to leave the school.  It is noted in the majority of the scenario that weak engagement towards the studies, leads to high rate of absenteeism during the course study and finally leads to dropout.

In the same manner, the characteristic of family is also among the key characteristic through which students get highly affected. The student family background greatly influences the educational outcome as it is an important factor with regard to school achievement. Moreover, in the family characteristics the factor such as education level of the parents, their occupation and level of income widely effect the student education. For example, in certain scenario the child has to take early responsibility of his/her family, which much likely influences them to drop from the school to help the family.

Correspondingly, much of reason behind the dropping out rate also falls in the behavior and characteristic of the school. The US national authority report reveals that the school characteristic are equally liable behind the major amount of drop out and student achievement. The factor that influence includes the school practices, resources, infrastructure, and controlling procedure. Moreover, the high grading requirement to clear the examination and overall course will lead to high turnover of the students from the school. In this respect, it has been claimed that apart from the racial issues there are various other reason behind the dropout in school in a higher rate. So, it can be affirmed that proper understanding about the magnitude of the problem and its possible impact on the dropout rate is very crucial issue to develop any significant measure to eliminate the problem (Tyler and Lofstrom 7-103).

In conclusion it can be ascertained that the dropout is savior severe issue in the educational system of any nation and highly develop nation like the US are also getting affected due to this problem. Moreover, there is an urgent requirement for getting all the relevant information reading the majority of reason behind such problem to curb and take significant measure. Besides, in the context of the US educational system it can be affirmed that racial issue is not only the major reason behind such problem, but also poor grades in the subjects, low level of attendance, failure in getting promoted towards the next grade, and unhealthy and challenging environment in the school and classroom as well as the family background of the student are the influencing factor towards dropout. Thus, it can be concluded that the government needs to take significant measures to eradicate such problems


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