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Pilot Shortage in the Airline Industry reflective essay

Pilot Shortage in the Airline Industry

Pilot shortage in the Airline Industry is a major turbulence and unless it’s addressed, it will hinder the growth of the industry.  From a report published by NET news, if one is looking to catch a flight in smaller airports in most of the developing countries the probability of the flight cancellation are high.

While majority argue the problem is mainly due to shortage of pilots among other factors. Poor wages on the other hand is not attracting people in this noble task thus; it’s proving a hard nut to crack.

Like in America, they are slowly reforming the sector as they have set stringent measures to ensure they streamline its airlines. With the retirement age for pilot set at sixty-five years, thousands of skilled pilots will retire.

In addition, the new rule demanding adequate training and more rest is taking effect. Well owing to the two facts, it is a challenge to the part of the airliners management to have strategies of filling the gaps.

If the gaps are not timely filled and measures taken to improve the shortage, the problem will hinder the major anticipated growth as American people have increased the desire to explore other parts of the world.


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