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Police Burnout and Health


This is a research paper that must have peer reviewed resources. APA format. The topic is Police Burn Out and Health (which is broad) so the focus is 1) Does police stress lead to “excessive force” being used? AND
2) a)What has been done to improve the mental health of officers to lessen the impact of burnout/mental health? b)What were those results?
The cover paper should Have the topic, my name , and Thomas Jefferson University. Please follow the assignment rules and rubric attached to the “additional materials” section closely (two pages in one document). It will tell you everything required. It is important that the research is peer reviewed and my university does a plagiarism check. Writing must be professional with proper spelling and ext. This is my final course paper which means it will be a big chunk of my overall grade. Thank you so much. 10-12 peer reviewed resources required. Cover page and resource page with 5 written pages.


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