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Political Manipulation Shaping National Identity

I’m trying to answer the question ‘How can manipulation shape society’
The thesis will be that political manipulation can shape national identity (for better or worse). To do this I need a case study/thesis of the literature looking at the political manipulation in ‘Putin’s’ Russia.

I need a basic format as follows:
1) A small history into the structures of Russian Government
– A more substantial outline of Putin’s rise to power and how he has maintained it.

2) Research/examples of political manipulation and propaganda
– Putin as an national icon
– Control of the media
– Dealing with political opposition
– Patriotic Youth Camps (control of citizens)

3) The effects of propaganda and political manipulation
– How doe these things shape the political sphere in Russia
– How do these things shape national identity & values
– How do these things shape global identity
– Draw connections to other countries that faced propaganda
– What does psychology say?

4) Conclusion – The ethics of shaping national identity ( can be ambiguous)
– Is there a positive or negative impact from Putin’s political control
– What does it all mean in terms of shaping a national identity
– On one hand there is an inflated sense of national identity based off propaganda (is this a bad thing) vs on the other citizens don’t care because Putin has brought Russia into the modern world/ global economy

This is just a general structure of things I need, writers discretion is allowed. Please use quality sources that I can access, include footnoted sources if possible. Number of sources doesn’t matter as long as it reflects good research. I will be reviewing and reworking this project


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