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Population problem results essay

Between 1600-2000 words overall including everything. One grade deducted for every 10 words under or over the word count range. Over population results in water shortages, poverty, inequality, human suffering, starvation, territorial wars, and, perhaps most importantly, environmental damage. Engineers are creative problem solvers and play a critical role in addressing the pressing environmental issues facing the world. For example, engineers have designed and built infrastructure, machinery, tools, and technology for clean drinking water, shelter, and food production. This paper examines the growth in human population in a world with limited space, food, water and energy. It likewise investigates the potential contributions of the engineering community in delivering effective solutions and systems that make life possible. You will discuss how human population density is a factor in the current environmental crisis. In this context, you will consider at least three of the following issues and their accompanying causes: air pollution, water scarcity and pollution, waste disposal, deforestation, loss of biodiversity and endangered species, and climate change. You are allowed to discuss more than three of these issues or other additional environmental issues that you decide are important. Once you have identified both the problems and the causes, you will then propose engineering solutions for each of the problems you have chosen to highlight. The problems must each have at least one solution, but you may offer more than one solution. For each solution, you will provide a legitimate scientific basis for the solution, identify which branches or branches of engineering are involved, and consider and address any ethical issues related to the problem and solutions. Though you will make an argument supporting each of your proposed solutions, the paper’s overarching argument will simply be that engineers are central to addressing the environmental issues caused by overpopulation. use third person perspective and give 5-10 references with a reference page Due dates for assigned works are posted in Blackboard and early submission is highly recommended. Essays must be submitted directly into Blackboard, using a pdf file format by the due date. Students must accept total responsibilities for issues they encounter with their essay submission. Late submissions and files that cannot be graded within Blackboard and audited by SafeAssign shall result in a zero (0) grade without exception.


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