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Positive effects of Affordable Care Act and benefits summary

Positive benefits and effects of Affordable Care Act

Affordable care act has helped greatly in improving the incomes and well being of most Americans who are considered to be at the bottom fifth when the income distribution is analysed.Under the most comprehensive and broad income scale the income distribution will increase  by 6% in the bottom one fifth and by 7% in the bottom one tenth. The gains are mostly expected to occur in the average person

Main objectives of the act and problems

The main objective of Affordable Care Act is to reform insurance arrangements to make it more affordable to the majority of citizens in America who are moderate and low-income earners. Thus, it will realize this by ensuring the purchase is subsidized .The new subsidies is being implemented through Medicaid expansion and a refundable tax credits for any insurance purchase.

The good things about Affordable Care Act

For the Americans who are not insured, Affordable health care services will be made available in the market places. This is aimed at improving the health standards of low-income earners who are below poverty line.

Considering the young adults, they have the benefits of staying on their parents plans until 26 years of age. This will make sure approximately 86% of the young adults get low cost and quality insurance.

All the coverage aimed to start after 2014 will have to include all the essential health benefits and the preventive services.

The act is meant to improve health care and curb the growth.


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