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Postmodernism and Modernism

Postmodernism and Modernism in the 19th century

Modernism started at the ending of the 19th Century and was brought by the latest ideologies and technologies that saturated the era (auto, aircraft, phone booth, data lines, telegraph, theory of relativity, and theory of evolution).

The consequence of these sways was that performers felt they no longer had to hold to harsh rules of what required going into designing a sculpture, painting, architecture, music, and so forth.  In other words, “convention” was no longer a consecrated cow.

Modernism proposed art must be analytical, related to the way latest technologies and thoughts were surveying, in order that the arts could now be expanded

Postmodernism was a comeback to years of modernist painting. What postmodernism stated-in the second half of the 20th Century was that there were no fresh thoughts or outlines to be established in art, as hundred years of testing were sufficient to discover new structures, with the intention of creating something modern.

Consequently, postmodernist reviewers argued freshness was exhausted.  They did argue, though, that the then reasonable development in the arts and for the action of artists was to use, merge, refer to, mimic, remark etc., earlier works of art.

Therefore, postmodern performers should no longer look for completely new means of making art; rather artwork would currently become an investigation of what already existed.


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