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Preview on ‘Islam Empire of Faith part 1 the documentary essay

Video Preview on ‘Islam Empire of Faith part 1 the documentary essay

This is a preview on ‘Islam Empire of Faith part 1’.  The documentary presents historic information regarding the Islamic faith.  The key theme of the movie is the origin of Islam and the manner in which Islam spread in its early times. The key character is Mohammed with the two key venues being Medina and Mecca.

During his time, Mohammed was viewed as a special as well as anointed person. With the focus on Mecca as the cradle of Islam, the city was made a center of trade. During the period, Muslims were called to player five times a day, through a player that was aired everywhere, something that prevails to date.

The Islamic religion allowed no idols of Mohamed or even God at the time. In the documentary, it is indicated that Mohammed was fought from mecca forcing him to go to Medina. The mecca people fought Mohammed in Medina for three years, but the Muslims emerged as victorious. Mohammed got a vision where he was instructed to pray while facing mecca. This was the shrine of Abraham, one of the early believers of one true God (Misr, 2011).

In the movie, the plot is well laid with the documentary being developed in the dessert, depicting the early Muslim life context. The documentary has been effective in presenting the origin of Islam. With commentaries from Islamic historian such as Esin Atil, the origin of Islam as one that was inspired by the belief of one God and one that emanated from winning of a war was enhanced.

From the documentary, it is clear that early Islam did not force any one to join the religion. Other people joined the religion after realizing the unique message that Mohammed had. In fact, the financial and social merits of being an Arabic Muslim attracted many people in the society to join the religion (Misr, 2011). The documentary nevertheless seems to leave out a lot of information concerning the early Islamic faith.


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