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Probation essay paper on juveniles

Juvenile probation and parole violation essay

Parole is the release of a prisoner after he/she has agreed to certain conditions before the completion of the maximum sentence period. If the parolees/prisoners violate any of the laid down conditions, they may be returned to prison including juveniles. These conditions are such as; obeying the law, refraining from drug and alcohol abuse, avoiding contact with the parolee’s victims, being employed and maintaining contact with the parole officer.

Parole violation comes in place when the parolee goes against the set conditions mentioned above. The parolee is then taken to court while under arrest and given a hearing to determine whether the conditions of probation were broken. This case is heard in front of a judge and not a jury. The previous case determination does not matter in this case.

Evidence presented just has to be enough to satisfy the judge. The prosecution presents witnesses who are cross-examined by the defense lawyer and the defendant may testify if he/she wishes to. One is also allowed to present witnesses. The judge is then the ultimate decision maker.

The sentence after being found guilty depends on the previous probation imposed. If the violation is not serious the judge may decide that the defendant continues on probation. If the offence is serious, the previous period of jail term determines the maximum number of years given. If the parole violator was originally serving a jail term of 10 years, then the judge may decide that he/she be jailed for the same amount or less.

Probation being a period where one is given an opportunity to reform, violation of parole is considered a serious offence. It stains one’s image no matter the offence. Parolees are therefore advised to avoid going against set conditions so that they can earn themselves time out.



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